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In today’s reality, where the competition is high, it is often very difficult for a customer to choose the best and most reliable company that you trust to the end. A variety of hot deals from companies can even be bewildering. In such a case, it is necessary to follow the advices that you need to know when taking a pawn loan.

In this short text, you will learn the 12 reasons why Rico has the biggest advantage over all of its competitors!

1. We tried to tailor our terms to your wishes to the maximum extent and to create the
best pawn loans in the country.

2. If others offer a lower interest rate than us, please see how much the interest rate will be maintained during the entire loan period while with us the interest rate is always fixed – a loan from 1.5%, annual effective interest - from 19.6%.

3. If you run out of money in another city away from home, enjoy our flexible pawn loan - and return the item in the city where you want us to bring it, of course, free of charge!

For example: you can pawn the gold in Batumi and get it back in Tbilisi; pawn it in Kutaisi and return it in Gurjaani ...

4. With us you can use free SMS service, unlike our competitors.

5. When the payment commission fee is 2 GEL with others, with us it is 0%, which means that we do not have a payment commission!

6. Consequently, we have no hidden costs, which also differentiate us from other companies.

7. Rico offers the highest cost of gold, which means that when pawning gold with us you will benefit more than with other competitor.

8. Have you already heard about the charge -free pawnshop? - Choose the payment schedule you want and in case of non-payment for one to three months you will not be charged.

9. Last but not the least point, only in Rico - you pay the interest according to the number of days you have pawned the item. For example, if you pawn for one day, you will pay only one day interest.

10. You already know that the gold cost has increased. Therefore, you can add the cost on the item, which means we will pay you more than when you pawned the item - anytime at any Rico branch 24/7.

11. Another advantage is a reducing interest. If you repay a part of the loan, you will pay the interest on the remaining amount only. The loan can be reduced at any time, by any amount, without any commission.For example, if your loan is 500 GEL and you repaid 300 GEL, you will pay interest on only 200 GEL instead of 500 GEL.

12. In addition to our branches, payment can be made from TBC Pay machines, our website and TBC Bank internet banking.

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Exchange rates

Overlap on the best terms
buy sell
USD 2.7100 2.7200
EUR 2.9390 2.9540
RUR 0.0291 0.0311
ILS 0.6080 0.7480
GBP 3.4810 3.5110
TRY 0.0810 0.0840
CHF 3.0210 3.0510
CAD 1.8520 1.9720
AED 0.6290 0.7490
AMD 0.0056 0.0076
AZN 1.3620 1.6220

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